She’ll Finally Understand

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A few weeks ago my best friend confided in me that she is pregnant. This didn’t come as a surprise, because she and her husband have been actively trying to get pregnant for a while now, but was exciting to news to hear. I felt immediate delight at the thought of getting to snuggle and sniff at some fresh baby … Read More

The Spot Nachos 

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   For like two years now Jill and I (and sometimes other people) have been going to this place by her house called The Spot to have their nachos, and for two years or so I have forgotten to take a picture to commemorate their glory.  Now I have remembered. Here they shine.  Nom nom.


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   This is my friend Libby. I don’t make a habit of making friends with dogs, I consider myself more of a cat person, but lately I’ve been getting closer to my friend Todd’s three adorable Basset Hounds and getting to know them better.  Libby is the only girl, and she’s shy and sketched out by everything that moves, including … Read More


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  I went to go visit an old friend today. I hadn’t seen him in over ten years when I heard that he had died. I just happened to be driving down the road that his cemetery is on and turned into its gates on a whim. He was only buried a couple of weeks ago, and I just drove … Read More


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My cute little Alice got downright sinister when she picked up Harley Quinn’s hammer and donned a mask straight out of a Rob Zombie slasher flick. For a while the kids took turns going all “House of 1000 Corpses” on us, which is terrfiying because as everyone knows, horror involving children is always more horrifying. But, for the most past … Read More

Good Deeds

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  I offered to babysit for a friend and coworker because her mom totally bailed on her at the last minute – this friend helped me out once and watched Elise for free when I was in a real jam and didn’t have anyone to take her when I had to work. Good deeds make for good karma, I hope. … Read More