D is for Desperation

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Located off a desolate stretch of Interstate 50, Desperation, Nevada has few connections with the rest of the world. It is a place, though, where the seams between worlds are thin. Miners at the China Pit have accidentally broken into another dimension and released a horrific creature known as Tak, who takes human form by hijacking some of the town’s … Read More

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 Reading this again, apt for the last day of winter. OMFG IT’S THE LAST DAY OF WINTER

The Descent

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A few weeks ago I took advantage of the free month of Netflix DVDs that they kept offering me and I started staggering horror movies with discs of ER, so every week I’ve been getting four episodes of ER and a horror movie. It’s awesome. I’m totally kidding myself and all of you reading if you think that I’m only … Read More

Silent Hill

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(Rated R for scary horror gifs and S for spoilers!!!) So tonight, instead of doing anything productive, my friend Robert came over and we watched Silent Hill. I tried watching this movie by myself once but I was too freaked out about a half hour into it so I turned it off and never finished it until now. Holy crap! … Read More

Afterbirth, by Belinda Frisch {A Book Review}

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Disclaimer: If you have not read the first book in The Strandville Zombie Series, which you can read my review of right here, you may want to skip this post. If you HAVE read the first Strandville novel, Cure, you might want to read that view anyway, and then come back here. Okay, you with me? Great! Afterbirth is the … Read More