You Can’t Have Love

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You can’t have love but you can have this kiss out in the rain on Providence Street, you can have this perfect man pressing you up against the kitchen sink whispering in your ear, you’re so beautiful, and you’re only twenty years old then, so you don’t know yet how bleak it will get, that you’ll get to 34 and … Read More


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It’s the first day of summer. A new season. A new chapter here. And there’s really no gentle way to segue into this one. When my daughter Elise was much younger she was diagnosed with a number of conditions, and because (as some people would say) I am a terrible mother, I didn’t define her, or let our lives be … Read More

Another Wonderful

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   The day started out so MEH. But then I convinced (well, bribed) Elise that if she could sit through The Martian without any whining or complaining that it’s boring, I would let her pick whatever she wanted for dinner.  Not only did she like The Martian – her remarks being: “THAT WAS AWESOME, thank you for bringing me to … Read More

i carry your heart 

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   I’ve been writing about myself a lot lately and not a lot of people are noticing.  That piece yesterday that everyone thinks is so sad, that’s a true story, I’ve done that.  I’ve had moments (a lot of them) when I don’t want to be bothered, or talked to, or shown things, or hugged.  Parenting is not for the … Read More

Frankie Frankerstein

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   When we got to the pool today, Elise quickly discovered this frog hiding out in the pool filter, and she quickly announced she wanted to save him.  I warned her that if she knocked the frog into the pool it would probably die – it’s a salt water pool, heavily salinated with some extra chemicals for sanitation, but I … Read More