Nine Minutes Adrift

CheneyDaily Grind4 Comments

I had all these plans to be productive today and all of them just didn’t happen. That’s happening more lately. Or maybe it’s happening just as much as it always has these last few years and I am just noticing it more and being more let down by it lately. Either way, it’s a double edged sword that makes me … Read More

Day 64 – Stretching Myself Thin

CheneyOn Life0 Comments

It’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down to write a blog post for the sake of just spilling my brain. I’m either writing about writing, which is its own beast, or I’m doing Grace in Small Things or posting one of the 1,000 songs, so it might seem like nothing much has been going on in my … Read More

Day 61 – Sabbath, Brief Sabbath

CheneyI'm Writing a Book2 Comments

I didn’t do much today, and it was a wonderful day. I got up late, made pancakes for Elise and I, read a book, read a book, read a book. I read a whole book from cover to cover today, I love it when I get to do that. Elise and I cuddled on the couch and she played games … Read More

Day 46 – Depression Lies?

CheneyMental Health4 Comments

Depression lies. That’s what Jenny The Bloggess said, and I never really understood what she means by that until now. You know, for years, I didn’t believe in depression? Honestly. I literally didn’t believe it was a real thing. I was one of those ignorant people, totally ignorant! and I really thought that people who said they were depressed were … Read More

Day 22 – Just Write. Right?

CheneyMental Health, On Life2 Comments

Just write. That’s the idea, huh? I’ve believed for a pretty long time that if I just write, if I just keep writing, things will come to me. Things that I want to come to me – like opportunity and recognition and awards – and things that are perhaps unpleasant but that I need to have come to me anyway, … Read More