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  “Estos Americanos pueden besar mi culo!” Father cursed at the middle finger America raised with her soil upon our arrival. I had expected clear skies and grand trees and was left bereft. My father, incensed. Dreams trump reality. There’s no turning back.

Discretion Pays

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“There’s someone at the door!” “They can knock all they want to, dearie. I know my house. I know they won’t be able to hear you scream.” Outside, the mailman takes his tip from the box. He’s paid enough to never tell.

Not For Me

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I ask with ┬ámy smiles I ask swinging my hips I ask with hot meals and Sweet desserts I ask shyly I ask opening my legs I ask with witty Profile descriptions I ask for love But the answer Is always No Thank you to all who read this sad little poem and voted for me this week. I am … Read More

First Day

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“Here they come. Quick, everyone, finish your coffees! Put on your masks!” They spread their mouths into grimaces that, with luck, will pass as genuine smiles. Somewhere behind them, a bell rings. The first bus pulls up, and the children pour out.

Magic Potion

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Watch out Because when I rise my fingers are hardened claws my eyes shoot laser beams my lips spit daggers Watch out You best not trifle with the under-caffeinated For I am one cruel witch Until I drink my magic potion dry

Somewhere Out There

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I watched along with the rest of the interested world, the craters and plains and rises coming into focus, coming into color and life. But then I turned my eyes away and looked farther beyond, Into the black, forgotten void Toward home.

That’s Unfortunate

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“Seriously?” I cradle my head in my hands. The room spins. Jesse shrugs. “They’re out of the bag.” “Is that supposed to be a joke?” Jesse snorts, and I shudder. “Yeah, they just fell out when I was movin’ ’em. Slippery-ass bodies.”