She’ll Finally Understand

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A few weeks ago my best friend confided in me that she is pregnant. This didn’t come as a surprise, because she and her husband have been actively trying to get pregnant for a while now, but was exciting to news to hear. I felt immediate delight at the thought of getting to snuggle and sniff at some fresh baby … Read More

My Funny Valentine

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Look at these eyes. I can’t even handle how beautiful she is sometimes. How perfect, how so clearly mine. Do you ever look at your kids and see, like, everything in them? You know what I mean?

I failed and it’s okay.

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Well, I failed. I intended to blog every day for a year and I totally failed. But you know what? That’s okay. Whatever. I’ll try again next year. Or maybe I’ll try again next month, or maybe I won’t try again at all. Well, no. I will try again, January 1 2014 or before, because damnit I CAN DO IT! … Read More

Day 89 – We Are Mothers

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Today someone asked how long we have been friends and I tilted my head my thinking pose was it in fourth grade that we met? was it in fifth that we became friends? was it in sixth that we became best friends? and then I was struggling to remember what the hell was the name of my sixth grade homeroom … Read More