Just Like This

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I’ve been spending a lot of time alone lately, and spending a lot of that time trying to figure stuff out about myself and make myself better. Does that sound weird? It’s true. I think a lot of people probably have times in their lives where they really want to make some drastic change because they think it will make … Read More

To Never Have a Boss Again

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I think a lot about goals, productivity, motivation, accountability, determination, success and failure. They are all things that I am constantly working on in my own life and just ruminating about in general, and that goes something like this: If this person can do it, why can’t I? Why do I keep on distracting myself and doing things that lead … Read More

The Russian Invasion

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The day the Towers came down my grandparents called me from Florida in a near panic, begging me not to go to work that afternoon. I half listened to my grandmother drawl on about how it wasn’t safe to go over the bridge, the bridge could be a target, they might not be done. I laughed to myself quietly, phone … Read More

The Awkward First Post

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  I’m a blog hopper, always swearing at the start of a new blog that I will be consistent and post there forever – no more blog hopping! But it always turns out to be a lie. “Consistent” is not a word I would offer to describe myself to someone getting to know me. “Fickle” fits much better. I have … Read More

Pushing It

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One of those days where I was like “Oh, shit! The sun is setting! I have to go get a picture, stat!” I bet a lot of that is going to happen this year if I once again commit to following through with another daily photo project. I mean, I suppose I already committed to myself, it has already begun … Read More


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   No company. No cake. No cares in the world. Walking to Uptown Swirl Froyo at 11:15pm cause I felt like it? Worth every fucking step.  * Most massive NYC recap post coming later in the week!!

The growth 

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   Check it out.  Right before my birthday I’m a raging hormonal freak and my skin’s all gone to shit.  After years of flawless skin I’ve got my first big, nasty pimple in like five years and I don’t know how to deal.  Is this a first world problem? How annoying am I?