9. Carrying Dreams

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Years ago there was a boy who lived at sea.(of course they were all boys back then) He washed up on my shore and I took him in, listened to his stories, learned the details of his planks and rigging.  I took him into me.  The first time we kissed was in the rain on Providence Street, and I still consider it one of … Read More

6. Growing Like A Fish

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She’s always been so bright,my shining star, my happy whoopsie.And now she is my fish Swimming better than I did when I was her age, and so brave. Every day she brings me more laughs, and every day she brings me more fear.  A poem in the Etheree form.  

1. Where I’m Going From Here

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Five years, seven months, and six days agoI sat with a notebook and wrote a poem, scrawled a scared story over lines blurred with tears.  “I’m afraid that I’m running out of time, and I’m running out of words, and I wonder what there will be to write down after you are gone.” Well, you’ve done been gone, my one and only and I’ve grown … Read More

91/365 – Where Did You Go?

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sometimes when i wake up i am still wrapped in your soft blue sheets i am still laying next to that shuttered window that lets that perfect light in and for a minute i lay there waiting for you to come back into the room but where did you go? where did you go? where did you go?

90/365: One Dark Side of Secrets

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i just want to go up and say i know something about you all dramatic and dark and grab her in a back alley and shove her up against a wall and i just imagine myself in a different body as a different person i imagine myself powerful because i want to be someone else i want to be the … Read More

Day 89 – We Are Mothers

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Today someone asked how long we have been friends and I tilted my head my thinking pose was it in fourth grade that we met? was it in fifth that we became friends? was it in sixth that we became best friends? and then I was struggling to remember what the hell was the name of my sixth grade homeroom … Read More