Day 88 – Depression Is

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depression is staring at a blank screen for hours and asking myself why i keep bothering to put my butt in this chair. what’s the point? i will be pushing up daisies unpublished. This is for Trifextra Week Sixty-One, to write a story in 33 words using an idiom. This may or may not be a true story.

Day 87 – Ob-La-Di

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Today three older ladies came into the bookstore and after a while one of them sat down at the piano and began playing some songs. All of them were upbeat and cheerful and her voice strained over the blaring of the keys she pounded with joy I couldn’t imagine. I can’t imagine sitting down in front of strangers putting my … Read More

What I Think of When I Think of the Desert

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you never want to hearthat someone you love is missing maybe it would be better to just be told that people you love are dead and that way, if they are ever found, you can be filled with joy and wonder because when you just hear that someone is missing there is only one emotion, and that is fear fear … Read More