Keep Choosing

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What if a demon came to you in your loneliest moment. Said: this life, just as you have lived it. Would you choose it over and over again for all eternity? Are you strong enough to want nothing more? Not On Fire, But Burning – by Greg Hrbek

True Stories

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One of Anne Lamott’s totally true stories. I’m really starting to care a lot less of what certain people (most people) think of me. It’s a good thing.

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“I’ve been thinking lately about immortality. What it means to be remembered, what I want to be remembered for, certain questions concerning memory and fame. I love watching old movies. I watch the faces of long-dead actors on the screen, and I think about how they’ll never truly die. I know that’s a cliché but it happens to be true. … Read More

Day 1 – Welcome 2013

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Let’s be honest. 2012 pretty much sucked for me. I think back to the beginning of the year, and am shocked to remember how well it started out. I had a blast on New Years Eve, went to an awesome New Years Day brunch at a friends house, and then Brian whisked me off to New York City later in … Read More