Thanksgiving 2015

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Our family had to celebrate Thanksgiving today because on actual Thanksgiving my dad has to go to work. All day. On Thanksgiving. The particular retail establishment where he is a general manager is opening at 8am on Thanksgiving morning and staying open ALL NIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT into Black Friday, and then finally closing at 11pm, which is two hours … Read More

FriendsGiving 2014

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Well, my regular family Thanksgiving was just kind of “Meh” this year. I was in a really bad mood, and like I said before, it just feels sort of lonely and sad sometimes on the holidays. I don’t know why. Because I am a depressed person I guess. But I digress. Today was our “Crewsgiving” or “FriendsGiving” as I like … Read More

Thanksgiving 2014

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I’m not really a big fan of Thanksgiving. I guess I used to be, when I was a kid. Back then my grandparents still lived here, my great-grandmother (Nana) was still alive, my aunt and uncle and cousin Matt who was my age always came to visit or we would all go up to Vermont to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. … Read More