Magic Potion

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Watch out Because when I rise my fingers are hardened claws my eyes shoot laser beams my lips spit daggers Watch out You best not trifle with the under-caffeinated For I am one cruel witch Until I drink my magic potion dry

A Very Merry Half-Birthday

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Today’s your half-birthday. Arms and legs lengthening, all your sentences getting snappier. You’re halfway grown. I know you, now. But mountains will rise and red tides will come, sooner than we both can handle. Who will you be, girl? Where will you go?

That’s Unfortunate

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“Seriously?” I cradle my head in my hands. The room spins. Jesse shrugs. “They’re out of the bag.” “Is that supposed to be a joke?” Jesse snorts, and I shudder. “Yeah, they just fell out when I was movin’ ’em. Slippery-ass bodies.”


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“Tell me again about the last time you saw her.” “Seriously? I’ve told you at least a hundred times.” “Then we’re gonna make it a hundred and one and a hundred and fifty if need be. Tell.” Evan Mulraney sighed and ran a hand through his hair, the other hand loosely clasped around his tepid cup of police station coffee. … Read More

Seven Years

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Next Friday is my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary. It also happens to be the seventh anniversary of the last time I saw your face. Seven years have passed since you told me you loved me and I believed you meant it for the first time. Seven years have gone by since you told me you wanted babies, that you wanted … Read More

There Was A Time

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There was a time when I knew your face your voice, your hands, your scent, your smile – I knew you, effortlessly. There was total instant recall, none of this having to pluck memories from the abyss and hope they’re not tainted by time. I could write your memoirs and sing your gospels, I could trace your ghost with shut … Read More