In the Mansion on the Hill

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He stood on the hill, gazing up to the house that was illuminated with each flash of brilliant lightning. It had been storming throughout his daylong journey, and he breathed in the sweet petrichor before burying the tip of his cane into the the soft, muddy ground and climbing the length of the drive to the door.  The man pulled … Read More

Seriously, Just Go Sit Down

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Get your butt in the chair.Seriously, just go sit down. Open up your laptop to a newScrivener file, and of coursechoose “novel with parts”because we’re being hopeful here, andyou’re going to learnto have some faith in yourself. Just show up and do the work.Your muse is a myth, he’s a figment,he’s an empty promise. No more of this trite,pedantic crap.No more … Read More

Day 51 – The Unfamiliar Sound of Music

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The bottle was nearly empty. Nora watched Eli pick it up again and swirl the last of the moonshine around in its bottom and then drink it in one long swill. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then pitched the bottle into the grass behind him, taking his guitar up in his hands again and … Read More

Day 37 – Static

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A hush descended over the room. Wesley held the crank radio in one hand and held a finger up in the other, his silent order that everyone stop moving, keep still and quiet. It was the first time anyone had heard static on the radio in over three years. “Was that just static?” Eli asked, and Clare’s hand whipped out … Read More

Day 33 – One Week Out

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We slept in what had once been the gymnasium. It was such a shitty night, we were stuck in there with the horses because we couldn’t leave them outside, of course. The place was filled with cots and medical equipment, totally destroyed, a terrible mess. The place stank like I don’t even know what, I’ve never smelled anything like it … Read More

Day 32 – Enough {Trifextra}

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“Where do you think we are?” “We could be anywhere, I don’t know.” “But you don’t think.. I mean.. How many undiscovered, uninhabited islands can there really be left in the world?” “Enough.” I wrote this for Trifecta’s weekend challenge, Trifextra¬†and the challenge was to write exactly 33 words of dialogue. This was an incredibly inspired piece of writing, by … Read More

Day 23 – Out in the World

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Nora and Wesley sat atop their horses on the crest of the hill, looking over the ravaged city. Hartford, a city that Nora remembered vividly; she had lived in Connecticut all of her life. The city Nora remembered was gleaming, all angles and clean lines stretching to the sky. Now it was ragged and in places, smoldering. That meant people … Read More