The Gull

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For weeks I’ve been eating nothing but berries I find along the edge of the forest, their reds and purples calling out to me, teasing me with their possible poisoned fruit. Mostly, it’s raspberries. The bushes overflowing with ripe berries and I pick my way through them until I can carry no more in the basket I make of my … Read More

First Day

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“Here they come. Quick, everyone, finish your coffees! Put on your masks!” They spread their mouths into grimaces that, with luck, will pass as genuine smiles. Somewhere behind them, a bell rings. The first bus pulls up, and the children pour out.

Magic Potion

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Watch out Because when I rise my fingers are hardened claws my eyes shoot laser beams my lips spit daggers Watch out You best not trifle with the under-caffeinated For I am one cruel witch Until I drink my magic potion dry

Somewhere Out There

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I watched along with the rest of the interested world, the craters and plains and rises coming into focus, coming into color and life. But then I turned my eyes away and looked farther beyond, Into the black, forgotten void Toward home.

A Very Merry Half-Birthday

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Today’s your half-birthday. Arms and legs lengthening, all your sentences getting snappier. You’re halfway grown. I know you, now. But mountains will rise and red tides will come, sooner than we both can handle. Who will you be, girl? Where will you go?

If You Love What You Do

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I got in trouble at work again this week and now I’m terrified that I’m going to be fired. I gave my boss an attitude. Again. I didn’t mean to. I’m always sorry, because I never mean to, I swear (and swore to him), but saying sorry doesn’t help in this situation, and now I’m facing consequences. He’s cut my … Read More

That’s Unfortunate

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“Seriously?” I cradle my head in my hands. The room spins. Jesse shrugs. “They’re out of the bag.” “Is that supposed to be a joke?” Jesse snorts, and I shudder. “Yeah, they just fell out when I was movin’ ’em. Slippery-ass bodies.”