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“Tell me again about the last time you saw her.” “Seriously? I’ve told you at least a hundred times.” “Then we’re gonna make it a hundred and one and a hundred and fifty if need be. Tell.” Evan Mulraney sighed and ran a hand through his hair, the other hand loosely clasped around his tepid cup of police station coffee. … Read More

Seven Years

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Next Friday is my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary. It also happens to be the seventh anniversary of the last time I saw your face. Seven years have passed since you told me you loved me and I believed you meant it for the first time. Seven years have gone by since you told me you wanted babies, that you wanted … Read More

Work in Progress

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A few days ago I printed out all fifty pages of my most recent Work in Progress. It felt like such a momentous thing to do, as this WIP is only as recent as November, because it’s the NaNoWriMo novel I gave up on. I spent some time reading through it, marveling at how I had forgotten what it was … Read More

Bang Bang Bangladesh

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Who could that be at this hour? Evan thought to himself. He was upstairs in Hannah’s office. He felt miles away from whoever was outside his door, light years away. His hand remained hovering in the air, the plastic edges of the red thumbtack pressing into his skin, his grip on the tack so strong he wouldn’t have been surprised if … Read More