Thanksgiving 2014

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I’m not really a big fan of Thanksgiving.

I guess I used to be, when I was a kid. Back then my grandparents still lived here, my great-grandmother (Nana) was still alive, my aunt and uncle and cousin Matt who was my age always came to visit or we would all go up to Vermont to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

But, things change. My grandparents retired to Florida, my mom became estranged from her sister and then they moved to Colorado, my dad became estranged from his family and we never see them anymore..

So now it’s just me, Elise, my sister, and my parents. And half the time Elise isn’t even there because she spends half the day with her dad.

It’s not very celebratory. It doesn’t feel like a holiday. Sometimes, to me, it feels kind of sad.

The fact that I don’t really care for turkey, that I think that it tastes like chicken that’s gone a little bad, adds insult to injury.

Also, the first snow fell last night into today.


It’s not much. It’s what some would call “a dusting” of snow. But it’s enough to make the roads slippery and drivers stupid, and enough to darken my mood enough to bring me tears practically the moment Elise went to bed.

I’m just not ready for winter and the cold and darkness it brings, outdoors and in my mind and heart.

I hate winter.

I loathe winter.

I will probably lose blog followers because of how much I will complain about winter.

But I am thankful for some things today.

Mostly this:


12 Comments on “Thanksgiving 2014”

    1. Aw, thanks. You too. I am reading blogs and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and I’m about to have a snack so it’s getting better all the time!

  1. Sorry you have the Thanksgiving blues! If it makes you feel better, no one really likes turkey. They don’t know why they eat it. (The one we had today was pretty good though.)

  2. Also, my Black Thursday comment is merely a philosophical question, not a question of policy. I HATE SHOPPING. (I’ll be in this blanket fort in my living room until Saturday morning, should you need to find me.)

  3. Your photo with Elise screams that you have enough to be thankful for every darn day, Cheney. You don’t need one day with the two words shmushed together and the rogue capital T for that to be special.

    I like turkey because I get to pour gravy on it and the mashed and the stuffing, and we never have gravy with chicken. Just saying. I honor your opinion nevertheless. 🙂

    Yeah, winter. That I totally agree with, every word. Ugh.

    Have a good Friday, as best you can, right?

    1. Indeed, I have to work this evening but other than that I’m having a relaxing day at home with Elise. Tomorrow is Friendsgiving – which will be much more enjoyable than the real thanksgiving, which you are totally right about.

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