The Day of the Harvest Moon

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I enjoyed my first corn maze today with Elise at Holmberg Orchards – I suppose for corn maze standards this one was relatively small, so it sort of makes me want to go find bigger, more labyrinthine ones because I thought it was a really fun and relaxing walk through some pretty corn an nowhere near as creepy as I thought it would be. 

We picked some apples later – I got a few pounds of the biggest, most seriously gargantuan Cortland apples and I can’t wait to eat another one tomorrow, though I must admit it was the fresh out of the fryer Apple cider donuts and apple cider slushie that really made my day. 

And tonight is the night of the Harvest Supermoon / Bloodmoon eclipse. 

I took this photo earlier when I drove Elise down to the beach so we could see the Supermoon over Long Island Sound – this was the best I could do with an iPhone:

A little while ago, when the moon was about 3/4 eclipsed, I went and woke Elise up and made her come outside to see it. 

I dragged a lawn chair out into the street for the best view and we cuddled in the chilling fall air to watch the sliver of white moon disappear into the red ball of the blood moon. 

I told her “This is special. It hasn’t happened in 33 years and won’t happen again until you’re 28!”

But she was so tired she only lasted about ten minutes and then asked to go back to bed, which I thought was hilarious. 

At least we will have this memory together. 

Fuck yeah, nature! 

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