The Final Stretch

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Now I’ve written over 70,000 words this month, which is definitely the most I’ve ever written in a month before, so I am happy about that. Unfortunately there are a lot of things about this NaNoWriMo that are making me unhappy about my whole state of writing.

The Key is the story that I have worked on the most this month, and I am currently at 46,382 words. I could probably finish this tonight or tomorrow, which would be awesome because that would mean it would also be the fastest I’ve completed a NaNo. Last year I finished on the 24th.

The problem is, the story is total crap. It has very few solid scenes amidst a whole lot of nothing going on, and the scenes that I enjoy the most are left with so little backstory and informative support, they don’t make sense to anyone but me. See, I have ideas as to where this story COULD go, but it didn’t get there this month, and it would take another 50K words to wind this back around into something making sense.

I started writing something else this month which I am just calling the Invasion story which I like a lot better than The Key. I think it’s slightly creepy, and it’s sad, and it is probably one of the deepest things I’ve ever written. It centers around a teenager, but I don’t think it’s really YA. This is something that I want to take my time with, and plot out a little bit.

My problem is with plot, no doubt. I begin writing a story and I just keep on writing, even if I don’t know where it’s going – which is why so many of my stories are left unfinished, and why so many of my finished manuscripts sit on a shelf. It’s because I’m just too scared to touch them, to go back and see what hot messes they are. I just want to move on.

Wish me luck – hopefully in a day or two I’ll be back telling you that I won!

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