The Gingerbread House

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The house is decorated for Christmas, and for the record, I had nothing to do with this – it was all Michelle and her boyfriend Nick who went out and got and strung the lights, and it’s surprising to me how much I like it. I never really cared about holiday decorations in the past, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I can never afford them and would never think of spending a dime on them.

It’s strange, but it seems that literally everyone else on our end of the road has gone all out decorating their houses for Christmas – there are lights and bows and wreaths as far as the eye can see. When Michelle and Nick were out putting these up, she said our neighbor came outside and laughed at them “Feeling the pressure?”

Why yes, don’t the holidays always bring on a certain kind of pressure to perform the happy charade and one-up everyone else on gift giving? (It’s the thing I hate about Christmas, one of the only things.)

Elise was thrilled with the lights and decorations, and I tried to get a good picture of her in front of the house with my phone, but for some reason she got evil red eye in each picture, as you can see here. I thought about editing out the red-eye, but it’s just too funny not to keep. She’s not evil. She’s been a dear lately, and I love her so much sometimes it hurts to look at her.


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