The Half

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We are half of the way through November, the most celebrated and dreaded month for writers. I can’t say that NaNoWriMo is going as well for me as I thought it would – I am struggling every day, and I hate to admit that I am starting to have serious doubts about being able to finish in time, but I am not giving up yet. I just didn’t think this month would be as full as it is turning out to be. Also, there are distractions.

This is random, but I watch a lot of TV on Netflix Instant. I know, I know, I should swear off television forever, what good does it do a writer? But listen. The Vampire Diaries. I can’t even..

Damon has the smolder. You know, the smolder. It’s so funny, because Ian Somerhalder played Boone in LOST, and I couldn’t stand him in LOST. I always thought he was such an icky girly boy in that show, but as a vampire? Smokin. HOT.

In other news, Gary made it through his quadruple bypass surgery, and if there are no complications such as infection, he should recover just fine. Really, he’ll have a better heart now than he did a day ago when it exploded in his chest. I am not sure how other moms out there deal with these things (and I don’t care enough to ask, thankyouverymuch) but we are just telling Elise that her Pop-Pop is sick and has a booboo on his chest. To explain to a five year old that he was just on the brink of death doesn’t seem right to me at this point, and thankfully Mike agrees with me on that. 

Phew. Fifteen down and fifteen to go. Fifteen down and fifteen to go.

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