The “I’m Gonna Do This” Salad

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I went grocery shopping today and spent $100 “shopping the perimeter” as you are instructed to do while dieting. I stuck to the edges of the store – the produce and organic aisle, the meat/dairy back wall, and the frozen section. I only ventured into the aisles twice – once for a box of Special K and again for some cans of Progresso soup, which Elise and I both love.

$60.00 gone before I even left the produce aisle. The price of fresh, healthy food is no joke. And it’s really not cool for people who are trying to lose weight or just be healthy.

You think it would be CHEAPER to buy fresh food, since the government and all our healthcare workers want us to be fit and healthy and not eating junk food, but no.

Oh, what a world.

I made this salad for lunch:


Romaine lettuce, cold honey roasted chicken (the kind by Perdue that comes fully cooked in a bag, because I hate cooking so much) bacon bits, sunflower seeds, Craisens, wonton strips, and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing. (That’s not a sponsored endorsement or anything, I just want you to be fully aware that I primarily eat salads just so that I can have an excuse to consume as much salad dressing as possible.)

This salad is fucking delicious. I got enough stuff to eat it every day for a week and I fully intend on doing that. I estimate that it was about 500-600 calories, and it would probably be at least 100 calories less for anyone other than me, because I use so much dressing. I ate it at about 1pm and was good to go until dinner at 6:30.

Which was had over at my friend Stef’s house, and it was roast beef sandwiches on toasted garlic bread with provolone cheese, and a bowl of homemade corn chowder on the side. Oh, the chowder on the side.

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken so much of that home…

15 Comments on “The “I’m Gonna Do This” Salad”

  1. Yeah it is quite terrible that healthy food is more expensive. If the government wants us to be healthier they should lower the prices. Of course though, we know this will never happen. Damm giant corporations.

  2. Looks great! Not related to the new year, but I’m working on going vegetarian, and one of my friends said “those bag salads at the store, they come with everything in them, and it’s 500 calories or less and you can eat the whole bag!” LOL. So, I may have to develop a love for salad! 🙂 I love Crainsens, though, I’ll have to stock up on those!

  3. I can’t wait until Farmer’s Market season rolls around again, but in the meantime you are right, it is a huge ripoff to get fresh veggies and such. Even more so in urban areas. I buy mostly frozen and keep away from salads for right now so I don’t waste the stuff in case I am not in the mood for one that day.

    Looks good!

  4. MDW Karen and I do the bag salad thing, but with the meat and side, not instead of the meat and the side. I couldn’t go without, but the salad really does help cut down the portion size (and cost) of all the rest of the meal. Your recipe above looks outstanding, Cheney. Good work there.

  5. Salad looks good! It’s funny to hear this ‘shopping the parameter business.’ I always shop parameter. Don’t ask me what’s in the middle of the store. I have no idea.

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