The Last Day of 3rd Grade

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So, this kid finished third grade today.

She’s nine and a half.

She likes to read in the car on the way to school sometimes.

She can’t even handle posing to get her picture taken.


I went to the end of the year singalong today – it’s the first year I’ve gone, because I’m a bad mom trying to be better, not one of those good moms who is there all the time.

We were all crammed into the little gym with the lights off. By the time I got there I had to sit on the floor with Elise while they Do Re Mi’d and played songs on their recorders.

I thought it was ridiculous that the fifth graders sang and played Taps to an audience made up of a lot of grandparents and people who’ve grown up around the military, and, um, hello, don’t you know that Taps MAKES PEOPLE CRY?

I teared up, and thought the music teacher was out of touch with reality.

But Elise, you were adorable. You went up and grabbed the microphone and announced to the whole school and audience what song your class was singing. You hold the spotlight no matter where you go – there’s always a light around you and everyone sees it in your sweetness and your smile.

Wow, you’ve gotten older this year.

You’ve discovered pop music and YouTube, and that you like scary stories and R.L. Stein is your favorite author (which I totally support)!

You’re amazing, you’re growing, you’re golden.


I just can’t believe how fast the times of your life are flying by now.

Or how long your hair has grown even with two cuts since the fall.

Or that you seriously wouldn’t look at the fucking camera this morning.

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