The One That Wasn’t Worth Getting Fired Over

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Great. So I just wasted a half hour of my life ranting and raving writing a post about how much I hate working and and all the reasons why. Then I thought, well, doing this could get me totally Dooced if someone from work ever reads my blog.

Herp Derp.

So I deleted it. But basically, as an INFP, I should definitely NOT be a waitress. Really, I shouldn’t seek employment anywhere that requires taking orders from someone. I just don’t handle that very well, let’s say.

It’s funny, because over a year ago when I first got this job, I thought it would be PERFECT for me. I thought it would be perfect that I would work in the evenings so that I would have all day to WRITE BOOKS and BE A WRITER and then I would schlep to work and bring home the bacon and find the perfect work/life/LIFE’S WORK balance until I could finally publish my book and just BE A WRITER.

Yeah, no. Actually, it isn’t funny.

Because I never did write. I never did BE A WRITER.

I was pretty much just a lump.

Ick, ew, I hate to admit it, but I think it may be time to go and seek out a new therapist. Something ain’t right up in these parts, and clearly I’m not doing a good job figuring it out myself, and I sure don’t want to burden my friends and family with all my bullshit.


Anyway, I had an extremely productive day until I got home from work and sat on my couch and lost all will to cater to “responsibilities.” But HARK! See? I am blogging. Because I said I’d do NaBloPoMo. So that’s a good thing.

I helped my friend Todd paint his living room this morning, finished a half hour before schedule and was able to come home and write for an hour before I went to work. I added another 1,355 words to my WP for a total of 5,517 words. Since I should be at an even 10,000 words today, that puts me at 4,483 words behind on this 6th day of most horrible NaNoWriMos.

Womp womp.

I’m going to write more tonight, though. For at least a half an hour before bed. But first? Ice cream.

3 Comments on “The One That Wasn’t Worth Getting Fired Over”

  1. Do not get dooced, Cheney. You and the kid need to eat the bacon.

    Writing for a living. Hard. Very. Extremely. Getting harder. Extremely.

    The personal stuff of which you speak? We all have a lot rattling around. You are not alone, you know?

  2. I totally relate to this post, I remember when I cut my working days down from 5 days a week to three. I had visions of me treating those days off as ‘work days’ at my desk from 9-5 writing books and blog posts and articles. Turns out, it’s amazing how much there is to do to procrastinate from writing!

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