The Pond

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There’s a duck pond in the town where we live, situated between the library and the park that’s adjacent to the town hall. 

When I was a little kid we would take the stale ends of bread there to feed the ducks – before I grew up and learned that bread is TERRIBLE FOR DUCKS OMG DO NOT FEED THEM BREAD! And when my grandmother was young and spry she took me here in the winter to learn how to ice skate – a skill that I have now completely forgotten. 

I probably will never teach Elise to skate here, because I have no interests in strapping blades to my feet only to fall down and hurt myself on a hard ice, and we don’t feed the ducks anything when we visit – but she still enjoys coming here and seeing the ducks and the frogs and tadpoles and turtles that make their home here. 

So we keep coming. And we shall. 

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