The Remaining

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I have been passing over this book at the library for months. I don’t know why. Probably because it’s clear that the main character of this book series is a military dude and I am not always down with military type books.

But then, there’s the promise that “a bacterium has turned 90% of the population into hyper-aggressive predators.” I can DEFINITELY get down with that.

remainingcover Well, I’ll tell you, I am THRILLED that I finally gave this book a chance. I read it in like a day – it’s the first book in quite a while that I’ve blown through like that, I couldn’t put it down – and I’m off to the library tomorrow morning to (hopefully) get the next three books in the series. I should have taken all four books off the shelf when I saw them there on Saturday, but I’m a doof and I didn’t expect to like the story this much.

Yes, the main character is a military captain who was holed up in a bunker as part of his mission to survive an apocalypse and then help rescue and rebuild the nation. Pretty cool. There were a few pages in the beginning that I sort of skimmed through because it was non-stop gun and ammo talk and I just don’t care about the details of that much. In my mind, keeping track of gun models is like keeping track of Japanese name spellings. It’s all just too foreign to me, a whole other language.

But, getting past that, I loved the fast paced nature of the plot and the detailed action and gore. I think the character development is decent, but the story is very plot driven and that is A-OK because the plot is what I’m here for and I love.

So, this bacterium changed people.. It’s called the FURY for a reason. It’s like a 28 Days Later rage virus kind of thing, but even creepier, because the infected are still with it enough to use weapons, work together, and sort of communicate. Which, in my opinion, make them scarier than regular zombies.

The first book in the series set up the few main characters and got the Captain out of his bunker and hooked up with his first group of survivors – part one of his ultimate mission. But, of course, the book ended on a total cliffhanger with gunfire in the distance and the promise of more action right of the bat.

I literally cannot wait to read the second book in the series, and I am going to be so mad if someone else took it out of the library. :-/

The Remaining – by D.J. Molles

5 Comments on “The Remaining”

    1. It depends. The first book had lots of cursing & extreme violence and gore, but no sex or mention of it other than things like “those are bad guys probably out to rob and rape women.” When i was 12 I was reading Anne Rice and Stephen King, so to each his own. If he likes zombies and survivial stories he would love this.

      1. yes we are reading the maze runner with my 8yr old, my eldest is 12 and my 12 year old is reading a horror zombie book so it might be up his street, as long as no sex or rape or anything like that in it, actually killing of people too in a way, i dont mind kiling monsters but people a no no, x

        1. Okay, well then this is a NO then, because lots of people get killed. I mean, let’s face it, in a zombie apocalypse, the time comes where the remaining living humans are much more dangerous than the zombies. Glad we got that cleared up and you didn’t get it for him!

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