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Yes, you can do that now. You can follow by blog with Bloglovin. Also, today I joined – a blogging community, to hopefully get some – any – readers. 

I don’t really like to wallow much in the state of my blog, but I can’t lie – it frustrates me that I post every day, comment frequently on other sites, and don’t get any readers myself. Obviously I can’t make people like or be interested in what I have to say, but the point is, we all have something to say, we are all reaching out for our own reasons, and everyone’s reasons matter – mine included.

I am a single mom. I don’t get out much. I have a very small group of friends that I spend time with – I mean VERY small, like three or four good friends that I like enough or am close enough with to just call and say “Hey, let’s hang” on the two nights per week that I am child free. The truth is, as lame as some “IRL” friends might see it, I spend a whole heck of a lot more time interacting online than I do out in the community I’ve never felt very comfortable in to begin with, and I am aching for new friends. Not even friends who live close by – I don’t care if you are across the country or the world – I just want people to talk to, people who like what I like and do what I do, people to laugh and share and chat with. 

I know, I know. Here I am being lame and whiney and in my own opinion totally pathetic, but there it is. I am making an effort here, people! 

The thing is though, I think I know where I am going wrong with this whole readership thing. I don’t have a niche. Yeah, I read a lot and write about books and I write about writing and post my fiction here – but I don’t have a book blog, and I don’t have a writing blog that spews tips and advice like the ones who get tons of followers, because that is just not how I operate. If I’m supposed to be true to myself, this is just what you get. I’m a mom, but not a mommyblogger. I’m a writer, but this is not a writing blog. It’s just me. It’s just the mishmash of things that I do and think and believe and want. And apparently I am not that interesting? I don’t know.

But I am making an effort. Has anyone else had this problem? Where you reach and reach and no one reaches back?

5 Comments on “The State of the Blog”

  1. I feel like my blog is pretty random too, and so I have no natural set of readers. But, I'm lucky to live in DC, where there is a strong blogging community. I've thought before about what I might do if that wasn't true, and I think I might start something like, which has been (in my opinion) an important part of the glue that holds DC bloggers together.Also, I just participated in this thing that you might like: in there! I'm reading

  2. Thank you for the info and for dropping in! Part of my endeavor for this year is to be a better blog commenter, so I will catch up on your blog. I actually read a lot of your blog this past summer and fall – you are a great writer!

  3. I feel the same way! I've only been blogging a short time, but already find myself losing motivation, because I'm not getting comments. Seeing yours today really made me feel like someone was paying attention, so I think you have the right idea, and I'm going to pay it forward! :-)The niche thing is so true. I feel like I'm faking it by calling mine a "mommy blog". I really don't want that to be the only thing I write about, but hope that it will be a place to start. Maybe the secret is to have a few niches. Like, 3 to 10. Haha!I also can completely relate to the friend situation. I've kept in close contact with just a small group of friends and tend to spend more time online. It's convenient, and my husband and I are busy with work among other things.Feel free to stay in touch via email (added above) – would love to share ideas and have a new acquaintance to correspond with!Good luck, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!EG

  4. Hi ladies,Maybe you will hate my comment (you can always delete it) but here goes anyway. If you enjoyed thinking about the post, writing it, re-writing it, having a goal & something to look forward to do, meeting new people, visiting other blogs, etc, then isn't a comment an awfully small thing to build your disappointment on? It's not some metric that shows how popular you are or how much people enjoyed your work, it's just completely random. Some of the highest amount of visitors came to posts that no one has ever left a comment on. I say, just enjoy it and then whatever happens happens. Don't overthink it, just like what you write about. One practical tip is to come up with a writing schedule for yourself. So say for example Mondays are about kids, Tuesdays writers, Wednesday your quest to find a publisher, etc. THis way you will be more structured.

  5. Hey there, found you over on IB4M! Keep it up, and keep true to the I Blog 4 Me idea….cos blogging should be about you and what you want to write about. People will read, if you keep at it, and write true!I have created the most traffic recently by promoting posts on Twitter….who knew Twitter could be a blogging tool!

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