The State of the Sink, Etc.

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This has been quite a strange week filled with bad luck and good. There was a full moon and I hear something is up with Mercury that could be making it so, but any rate I am just looking forward to getting out of work tonight and putting a cap on this, the first week of February.

I decided to postpone Elise’s birthday which was supposed to be on Saturday because we are supposed to get more snow – and because so few people RSVPed.

Apparently replying promptly to invitations is not something that people do very much anymore.

I received my first Netflix DVD in the mail and it was cracked into two pieces. (ER, Season 4 disc 1, because I have the first 3 seasons and have been wanting to watch all the rest again for years).

Two out of four days I worked this week I made less than $50 in tips, which is not conducive to living the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to. I enjoy being poor, not poverty stricken.

I have THIS to deal with:

37-15But some things are on the up and up – for now.

I got approved for a 5.9% interest rate on the Jeep that I am planning on buying.

The Jeep that I’m planning on buying is STILL AVAILABLE even though I’ve been waiting a month to purchase it.

I took it for a test drive today and it’s AMAZING. A Jeep Liberty, limited edition. Sexy and black with a tan leather interior. LOVE.

And, maybe the best thing? I can trade in my old car, and not only will they give me a few hundred dollars for the privilege of letting them crush it, but I DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN ALL THE GARBAGE AND CRAP OUT OF IT BEFORE I LEAVE IT THERE FOREVER.

Which is a gift in and of itself, if you hadn’t guessed that by the state of my kitchen sink.

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  1. Throw those dirty dishes and cups into the back seat of your old car just before trading it in, Cheney. Talk the Jeep salesman into adding a four-piece setting or no deal! Problem solved!

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