The Stopped Me in My Tracks Sky

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I was putting away some laundry while Elise was in the shower and saw this beautiful blue glow from the balcony door.

I parted the curtain and took this first photo, filing it away in my head to post it later as the photo of the day. A minute or two later I was heading downstairs to get something and I saw an even more spectacular glow. It stopped me in my tracks and sent me racing back up to my bedroom to take more pictures.

The running up the stairs was totally worth it. Opening the door to let in the freezing cold air was worth it.

I hope that there will be skies like this in summer, too, but taking a photo a day of the sky doing whatever it’s doing is making me realize that it does SO MUCH.

It hasn’t been very long, only 24 days, but I already can see a pattern in that there isn’t a pattern here. I might be hurrying to snap a quick picture out the window at the last minute of the daylight because sometimes I just forget to look up, but none of these photos have been boring, and even if they’re taken in the exact same place day after day – the balcony, the sidewalk, the front door – every one of them is still different.

And how absurd is it, really? To be forced to admit that sometimes I just forget to look up.

It makes me want to scream at myself, Wake up, Cheney! Open your eyes! Face the world! Look up! Look up! LOOK UP!

Just look up, open up, get up, just do something.

Don’t sit around and marvel at how fast the time is going by and then look down, always down into your folded hands and ask yourself why you’ve not accomplished this or that by now.

Get up, I keep telling myself.

Get up, look up, just do it. 

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