The Tree on the Corner

Cheney366skies, Daily Photo0 Comments

Today was Elise’s second day at her new school, and the second morning that I walked her there at eight in the morning.

It was FREEZING yesterday, so I hustled there and back as fast as I could before my face froze off, but today was a bit more mild and I enjoyed the short walk back from the school and looked up a lot of the way – studying the treetops and the directions the clouds were taken in.

Then I saw the tree on the corner of the street across from our house.

It’s a monster of a tree to go along with the big yellow mansion of a house, and it just screamed SHOOT ME so I did, and probably will again and again.

It occurs to me that one of the biggest challenges this 366skies project is going to pose for me is a variety of shots. I just don’t GO many places. But then, that’s also the great thing about the project – the sky is there with me wherever I go, and wherever I decide to stay.

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