4 Comments on “This is a Real Post”

  1. Yes, the face-drop is a sign from above, Cheney. The best thing about a hard week is how great you’ll feel when it comes to an end. When you get one spare second — ha! — remember to try to clean out the laptop exhaust fan vent so it won’t overheat anymore. I think you’ll just have to take the back off or something.

    1. I have a macbook so i can’t take it apart. It started up today! But i don’t know what caused it to happen, and i am a total doof and when i went to staples today to get ink and stuff i forgot to get canned air! Argh.

      1. Ahhhh. I had a PC laptop that was overheating and brought it to a guy for another issue and he told me about the clogged exhaust. Maybe you can get a drink straw and poke it in there and blow real hard. 🙂

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