This one is for the boys in the polos

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There were a bunch of things I wanted to blog about today, like this article I found online (and then promptly lost) about “Full Time Parenting” and how that phrase in and of itself is such a joke. It went something along the lines of: If my child sleeps ten hours a night, spends eight hours at school (so I can go to work, because, allegedly full-time parents homeschool) then I am only a mother six hours out of every day. Say what? I’m going to make an effort to find that article and link to it later.

Also there was going to be more stories of fun weekend happenings with friends and Elise, but for some reason this weekend I didn’t really take any great pictures and without pictures it’s just not as great.


I have really been enjoying the pop music that has been on the radio lately, which is not normal for me, because I am still a goth girl at heart and tend to enjoy the quieter side of alternative and indie music over ANYTHING that could possibly be heard on the radio. However, it just seems like this summer has been producing better pop than at other times. I am loving the new Britney Spears songs, freakishly loving Katy Perry and Avril Levigne, and the shockingest? Nicki Minaj. I cannot for the life of me get the song Super Bass out of my head. 

So, one night last week I was laying in bed with Alisha and Dan (remove the minds from the gutters, we’re just friends) watching That 70’s Show, and then for some reason (probably the bottle of wine AND THEN the bottle of champagne the three of us split) we started watching a number of old SNL videos and current music videos. Pretty soon, Alisha was introducing me to Karmin – and changing my life. I was blown away by the talent of these people that cover such popular songs and make them sound better than the originals. I mean, Karmin takes music that I sort of like, and turn it into music I love, just because they’ve re-done the songs as acoustic versions and Amy Renee is fucking beautiful to watch. Here’s Karmin covering Super Bass:

 I’d blog more, but now I’m caught up in a debate on whether I should surprise a certain someone with Britney Spears tickets with the alterior motive of fulfilling my lifelong Britney dream, or, possibly Ke$ha. If I could only take $$ seriously.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?