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I took Saturday off work because I didn’t have a good babysitter. Jill’s man is back from an underway and about to go on a longish deployment, and it was my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary so they went away for the weekend.

Having the entire weekend off with Elise and nothing much to do was EXACTLY what I needed.

What we both needed.

I’ve been having a harder time lately. It’s time for me to find a new doctor and get back on some meds because I am losing control of my emotions and that just isn’t going to fly.

I’ve been doing anything and everything to keep myself occupied.


Including teaching myself how to cross stitch, because I totally need another hobby to distract me from all this NOT WRITING I have been doing for months.

That, and cleaning. Yeah, I’ve been getting up and cleaning the house just to keep my mind off of things, like how much my boss stresses me out, and how much, in general, I feel like I’m a failure.

But you know, keeping yourself busy has its perks:


I spent a lot of the weekend feeling nostalgic about Elise, too.

We spent some time doing laundry at my mom’s house even though they weren’t there this weekend, and Elise played for an hour in the laundry baskets on the living room floor… just like she used to do when she was two years old, and three years old, and so small I can’t even stand it.


Then last night we went to my old friend Steph’s parents house to hang out and have cake to celebrate her sister’s birthday. It was beyond fun and just what I needed. It’s nice to go back to places where you feel like you’re at home, with people who have loved you for as long as you can remember and who will keep on loving you no matter what.

This morning we went to have breakfast with the creepiest Easter Bunny in the land:


As soon as we got there I was like “Oh my god, Elise, he is so creepy!” and she’s like “No he isn’t!”

And she really wasn’t creeped out by him the whole time she was talking at him (because the Easter Bunny doesn’t talk back) and giving him high fives. Even when she sat on his lap and took a few photos, she was not phased.

But then, as her picture was getting printed, she comes up and pulls me down so she could whisper into my ear:

“Mommy, I saw eyes inside of his eyes,” and I could tell she was seriously reconsidering the creepy factor of the bunny.

dockaway dockatme

Later we went to Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock for the first time this season. We called and ordered take out ahead of time, it was too cold today to stay there and eat outside, but it will be warm enough soon.

Elise was craving onion rings, which I found strange, but whatever floated her boat, that was fine. She also discovered that she LOVES clam strips, and she ate half of mine.

I can’t wait until summer.

I can’t wait until we can do the things we love to do the most, like eat outside, have picnics, go to the beach, go to the park, be in the sunshine.

We’re getting there.

We’ve come a long way.


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