Those Sunbeams

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This evening we went to the beach with our friends Chris and Gina and their two year old son, Evan.

We got there around 5, which is just about my favorite time to get to the beach because the sun is still out and warm but not too intense and I don’t have to worry as much about getting burned.

Sure enough though, right after applying about ten gallons of sunscreen, the sun slipped behind some clouds and didn’t really come out again the entire time we were there. That’s okay though, because it was great for photos.

I swam for a while, too, with Elise and Chris. It was the first time this summer I got in the water at the beach – and now that things are winding down so quickly I’m afraid if I’m not more proactive about getting us there it won’t happen again – and it was.. interesting.

I’ve always been so wary of the sea, and particularly the plant life and creatures within it. I scream when seaweed brushes by me, I freak the hell out of a fish does the same.

Let’s just say there was a lot of screaming involved in the twenty minutes or so I was in the water.

Worth it.

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