Today’s balls.

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I have mentioned this before, but I feel like I have a million balls in the air and that at any moment some of them might come crashing down around me and I will just fail. Perhaps I take on too much at once?

I haven’t done any writing challenges in weeks because I have been trying to get ready for that super secret project that I have been working on – now we are less than a week away from the scheduled launch date and I am scrapping things and starting over. I haven’t told my partner this yet, but I suppose if he wants my help he will have to deal.  Long story short, since I don’t want to reveal much before the launch, I offered to create a website using WordPress. However, it’s been ages since I’ve managed a WordPress site, and frankly, after using Squarespace for so long, I don’t really want to use anything else, ever. 

I figure that if I am going to be the manager on this project and do most of the work, I have to at least make it enjoyable for me, right? I don’t want to struggle with WordPress when I can sail through things happily with Squarespace. I should seriously be a spokesperson for them. I just love the company that hosts this blog so much.

So yeah, there’s that. There’s also been a lot more writing of my secret porn stories. I haven’t published another one yet, but I finished one yesterday and I want to get its sequel written before publishing so that I can market them before publishing a third and then bundilng them into an anthology. Yup, I have a plan. I really want to make 2012 the year that writing pays off – literally. I’ve spent way too much time lately on the erotic writer’s forum, way too much time gaping over other people’s sales figures and the fact that most of them on there are making thousands of dollars a month and have quit their jobs. Yes, I am fueled by my desire for the money. It might not be becoming of me, but whatever. There it is. I want to write for a living and I am really giving at a go, so unfortunately more creative and friendly bits of writing are going to take a backseat in the meantime. I’m okay with that. 

And that’s just the stuff I’ve been doing online. My life? Sometimes I think I just want to go live in a hut somewhere in the woods where no one can bother me. I’m pushing more people away lately than I ever thought I would, and yet I am not doing it with any sense of regret or apprehension, I’m doing it with relief. Because just as I am pushing people out of my life, people who I feel have been toxic for me, I’m pulling in people who are just the opposite – it just takes… time. Something I always feel is in too short supply.

So anyway, that’s what’s up. Busy busy and feeling like my blogs are falling flat and being boring lately – another thing that I want to change. One day at a time..

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