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So we left for vacation today, me, Elise and our immediately family (being my parents, grandparents and sister) and headed up to Orleans, Massachusetts, which is pretty much right in the middle of Cape Cod, here:

I had to drive the supply car with my sister Kayla as navigator. My mom, of course, was nervous from the very moment she put her car keys in my hands to drive it up to the Cape, especially when I told her that “I’m stopping at the Bean & Leaf for coffee and a sandwich,” because she thought (I’m assuming) that I would get terribly lost and be way far behind them or something, when in reality I blew past the Hum Drum Car in my Fun Car about three hours later in the midst of heavy traffic. 

Oh, the traffic. AND there just wasn’t enough leg room, what with a week’s worth of food, clothing, chairs, umbrellas, etc. shoved into the backseat behind me, I was all jammed up in there. It felt like I was driving with my thigh bone smashed into my hip and my right foot was literally sideways on the pedal so my ankle hurts pretty bad right now. 

Oh, and yes, I see how this is, I’ve done nothing but complain about the vacation from the moment I set out on this wild adventure.

Le sigh. 

So we FINALLY arrive at the rental house we are all staying in and it’s pretty nice. Cape Cod is pretty narrow, so whichever direction we choose to go in the morning we will get to a beach in about ten minutes. 

Tonight after dinner we headed to Skaket Beach to watch the sun set. Funny side note: there is a guest book in our rental house, and one of the first things I did when I got here was read through it. I’ve stayed in a few places with guestbooks before and I always find them to be really interesting (this one not so much, although I plan on leaving a wacky note at some point) and there were quite a few entries in there saying how wonderful the sunsets were at Skaket Beach.

So, we head down there, and it’s low tide. I mean LOW TIDE. I am not the best judge of distance, but I would guess that from the top of the beach to where the water really began had to be at least a quarter mile if not farther away, and even at that point, where I couldn’t see any sandbar anymore, the people who were walking out that far were still only like ankle deep in the water. Skaket is a Bay beach, which I am really not interested in going to at all – we have calm, flat water at home. But, the sunset was pretty spectacular:

That one is pretty grainy because I zoomed in, but here are a couple of more pictures from tonight:

The one above gives you a better idea of how long this beach was at the low tide – we had already walked out quite far at the time I took this picture, and there are still other people who went way farther out.

The sky was amazing. Yay for taking photos! It’s funny, looking back through my more recentish Instagram feed, I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. It’s a good thing to do. By the way, the sunset and sky were so pretty tonight, I didn’t even filter any of these images on Instagram – I shared them to my feed, but they are all natural. 

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