Viva New London

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Last night marked an ending and a beginning. It was, for me, the end of a great journey – The Great Campaign Trail of ’11. I’ve met so many great people and made so many new friends, including two of those up there, MAYOR Daryl Finizio on the left, and his husband Todd in the middle, who I’m lovingly calling the First Gentleman of New London. I can’t say often enough how much I already miss getting honked at on streetcorners, how much I miss meeting friends on cool early mornings to stand around with signs and then get breakfast at Monica’s before work. I’m going to miss that. I’m going to miss wearing my Finizio green button every day (though I’m keeping one on my purse at all times). I’m going to miss the excitement of working for change, the uncertainty that comes in any competition, and of course, the butterflies and literal tears of joy that come with every win. 

“To those who have waited, waited for so long for the moment to come when New London might finally turn that corner, the moment when the great power of the people in this city might be at last unleashed, I say to all of you that this is that moment, this is our chance. This is our time. Tonight, New London’s renaissance begins.”

~ Mayor Daryl Finizio, from his inaugural speech last night.

So for New London, this is a new beginning. For Daryl and Todd, this is a new beginning. This might be, too, for me, a new beginning if I want to make it so. 

People have dreams and sometimes they turn them into realities. Those are the greatest moments in life, I think. I love being a part of these journeys and sharing with people in their great moments like I got to, again, last night. I just still wish I had more of my own moments. 

** Hopefully this link will stand the test of time: A link to video of Daryl’s inauguration speech. He’s an amazing public speaker, methinks.

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