Voyeurism is for Facebook.

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You know how some people like to say that to write, they need to be depressed, or unhappy, or just generally bent out of shape to be able to do what they have to do? I’ve heard it a lot and I’ve never really bought into that. I’ve been writing more lately than I have in the last few months – nothing I am ready to share with anyone, but still, things are coming along, and on a whim I started a new story that takes on a subject I know practically nothing about – space travel!  

Anyway, that is one thing that is making me happy lately. Just being alone and writing. Lately I’ve felt pulled in so many different directions, it’s nice to be able to shut my door at the end of the day and tune everyone and everything out and just write. Not on the blog obviously, because that’s the thing, I guess. Some say they can only write when they are depressed, and maybe I can only blog when I’m really happy, which, all things considered, I haven’t been lately.

I hate complaining on my blog, so I won’t, other than to say: Stress sucks. Right?

I wasn’t even going to post anything today. I thought about it, I logged in and thought about it.. and then I thought, who cares? No one is really reading anyway, right? So I wandered up to my site statisics and found something frankly distrubing. It looks like in the last week, someone has read my entire blog – including the poetry, including Vampire Zombies From Space. I don’t know if this person was just clicking through or not, but dude. DUDE. Whoever you are out there, stop being a creeper and just say hello. Voyeurism is for Facebook. 


Oh, and another thing. I’ve been reading like a fiend and haven’t been reviewing a damn thing. I must have read at least ten books since I updated my 52 Books challenge, and not having a list of what I’ve read is making me twitchy, especially since my friend Chana just started blogging and reviewing books and movies. Perhaps I will get my act together one of these days.. perhaps not.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?