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I’ve noticed that in the very short history of this blog I have commented a lot on the weather, which is strange, as if I am trying to make casual conversation with a stranger. Which is made even stranger, because that is pretty much exactly what I am doing.

It has been unseasonably warm and delightful this week, if you are wondering.

Last weekend my parents, Kayla, Elise and I went to Pumpkintown and Elise had a total blast like she does every year. She was the one who figured it out on the car ride up there that Pumpkintown is now a family tradition!

Pumpkintown features “Pumpkin People” who live in their little pumpkin people town. It’s pretty cute. There’s a post office and a wedding chapel and a general store and a jail:
There was also a pumpkin shaped bouncy house. Elise cannot pass up a bouncy house opportunity. If I had a million dollars, there would definitely be one of these going up in the backyard next to the in-ground swimming pool.
Elise agrees that’s a good idea.
On Sunday there was Elise’s school’s annual Trunk or Treat event, which is actually the first one for us, because last year I was a bad mom and didn’t take her for some reason (probably because I hate interacting with other moms and especially large crowds of other moms.)
But, I am trying to be better about all these things this year and in the future because Elise needs friends and a social life, and I need to help her acquire these things. Apparently she’s been making friends on her own, like Abbie, who appears here as Elsa with my little Belle:
There was a DJ at this event, which was a brilliant plan, because the kids had a blast running around and dancing and playing Simon Says and going on a little costume parade. It was fun to watch them, too, all the kids having so much fun.
Damn, I love this kid of mine.


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  1. Pumpkintown looks pretty awesome, Cheney. Except for photo two down, which reminds me of all those movies and TV shows where the kid gets the head stuck between the bars of something or other. Hey, wait, that was me when I was a kid looking down in the hallway landing from our top floor apartment in Brooklyn. I had blocked it out until now. Oh, no ……

    1. Haha!! Thankfully that scene did not play out with my kid’s head between the bars, but yes, I have seen that happen and it’s kind of like watching someone fall down. Sorry to bring up painful memories, lol!

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