Weekend Coffee Share: Blog Blues

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If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am very annoyed with the internet right now. This morning I set up my WordPress.com blog to redirect to my domain name and things aren’t working for me yet. I can view my website on my mobile browser, and I thing other people can view my blog on their web browsers, but when I go to my blog address all I see is a Bluehost.com 404 page and Bluehost won’t help me because I’m redirecting to a WordPress site and WordPress won’t help me because it’s just too darn slow with replying to help emails. Can YOU see this page?

… I would tell you that I am disappointed in the weekend in general, because I took two days off from work to spend time with my grandparents who I have to say goodbye to tomorrow, and I was only able to see them for an hour tonight because Elise has been to sick to leave the house.

… I would tell you that I’m disappointed in myself because I made writing goals that I didn’t keep – or even BEGIN to accomplish, and I keep beating myself up over it when I know what I really need is to just take it a little bit easier on my negative self-talk and just DO something.

… I would tell you that I’m tired of where I am in life and tired of the path I’ve been on for so long.

… I would tell you that I wish so much I knew where to begin, but becoming who you want to be and changing who you are are probably the toughest things in life to do – because the only one to hold accountable is you.

I’m linking up with Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share & apologize that this particular share is more of a rant. 🙁

15 Comments on “Weekend Coffee Share: Blog Blues”

  1. I can certainly feel your frustration! It is hard to start life again and reinvent ourselves. I don’t think it’s entirely possible to change ourselves. Maybe redirect our focus. You can vent, rant or just talk on these posts. That’s why it is so fun! Ya never know what you’re going to read!!

    1. Yes, you are right. Ourselves change the same, but what we do – what we choose to do and what we can accomplish have the ability to change us and our directions. That’s what I need to focus on. Choosing better.

  2. I agree that you are being too hard on yourself! Especially with the writing goal you set and didn’t accomplish. Set another writing goal but make it something you will accomplish. If you said you would write 5000 words, change it to 1000. If you said you would write for an hour every day, change it to 10 minutes every day. Set manageable goals first. Once you are good at meeting them for awhile, then up them. You can do it with writing and with other things, too. Far too often, we get angry with ourselves because we set the bar for ourselves waaaayyyyy too high. Set it at a reachable height then increase it as you achieve the goals.

    I know it’s not easy. I really do. I’ve been there and I still get there from time to time. And Deb is right, use these posts to vent or to ask for help, encouragement, etc. We’re here for you!

  3. Sorry to hear how frustrated you’ve been, and hoping that you’re feeling better soon. It can be really difficult to feel stagnant—hoping you’re able to start moving toward a happier direction soon.

      1. Hope that you move out of that soon—it’s a really uncomfortable feeling. I always find that when I feel that way, writing something or creating something helps, because at least that’s something *new*.

          1. It is indeed. Things here have been in flux for such a while that I’m looking forward to a bit of routine, but the stagnant feeling is a different beast altogether.

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As far as writing goals go, I NEVER make them – it’s only a sure way to set yourself up for failure. Try to make yourself write just a sentence. If eve that doesn’t come, the time isn’t right. For me, it is either a desert or a gushing spring that can’t be stopped,there is little in between Oh, and figuring out who you really are, what you really want to do and finding a path between them is the hardest thing you can do, so be easy if you are getting there right away..

  5. Like you I am annoyed with the Internet right now. I Technology is starting to get to me. My coffee post has disappeared completely. I hope I finally have links saved. I will write my coffe posts again and also the review I lost. Try not put to hard on yourself. Sorry Elise jas been sick and you missed spending time with your Grandparents.

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