Weekend Coffee Share: Labor Day Laziness Edition

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If we were having coffee I would tell you that it’s been a terrific week, which is a big change from where I was last Saturday writing this post.

… I would tell you how proud I am of myself and how confident I am feeling at the moment about my writing and my future writing due two “winning” two writing challenges this week. I am beyond thrilled about this and want to share it with everyone I know, except I don’t share it with really anyone I know because no one I know really cares or reads things online.

… I would tell you that work as been okay this week and I’m looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend and three days off to relax and hopefully spend time at the beach and the pool before summer is finally, really over.

… I would tell you that I am so super over-caffienated right now because I actually AM having coffee, my sixth cup of it, if you are measuring by the actual cups measured in the coffee pot and not by my rather large mug.

… And I would tell you that I am at the moment totally obsessed with catching up on season four of Once Upon a Time that I missed when it aired the first time around. I am liking this Anna/Elsa themed season so much more than the Peter Pan / Neverland themed season which I thought was pretty boring.

Now I have to go shower and get ready for a lunch of breakfast with Elise and Jill, and then get on with the rest of my day. Six hours of work stand between me and a great long weekend off!

4 Comments on “Weekend Coffee Share: Labor Day Laziness Edition”

  1. Glad this was a better week for you, and that you’re having what sounds like a relaxing weekend! Congrats on the writing, too. 🙂

  2. oh Once Upon A Time is great, just have to catch up on it too – too much great television coming on this Fall, I am going to have to miss so many of it, yikes. Have fun catching up!
    (and you should be proud about winning those challenges)

    1. Thank you. I also a TV watching problem. I watch SO MANY shows, but the only ones I watch religiously and keep current on are Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries, my favorites!

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