Welcome, 2015!

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IMG_5703 So, it’s a new year again. Full of things that have never been and all that jazz.

Every January 1st I say to myself “I’m so glad that year is finally over,” and today was no exception. I’m ready to leave 2014 in the dust because in all honestly, it was a truly underwhelming year.

2014 was the year I didn’t really do anything.

I didn’t write a book. I didn’t even do NaNoWriMo. I didn’t lose 50 pounds, I didn’t blog daily, I didn’t (finally) get a boyfriend.

Nothing BAD happened in 2014, but nothing really great happened either. It was a wholly unremarkable 365 days.

So that means this year needs to be different.


I’m not a religious person, but New Years has always felt like a spiritual holiday for me for some reason. Even though in reality it’s just one regular day passing into another day, it’s just one more flip of a calendar’s pages, I’ve somehow, over the course of my adult life, strapped on some sort of intense significance into the day.

It’s the day when I start over. The day when I announce my plans and intentions and goals, and like every year, they’re all big goals that I (probably) won’t accomplish.

(Cue Mark B. and my faithful blog followers with the uplifting and supportive comments.) ( 🙂 )

But I am posting them here anyway to give myself the accountability I feel like I need. There’s something about knowing that people are watching that makes it that much harder to let yourself fail.


+ Blog Every Day – This one is a real doozy. I have intended to blog every day for a year EVERY YEAR since I started blogging over ten years ago, and it hasn’t happened yet. I think the furthest I’ve gotten into the year without missing a day was April of 2012. This year I am hoping things will be different for a number of reasons. First, it’s something I REALLY WANT TO DO, so of course I should make a point to follow through with it. I set an alarm on my phone that will go off at 10pm every day to remind me to blog if I haven’t yet. Since I can post from my phone, I really have no excuse, do I? We’ll see how this goes and I’ll report back in February.

+ Complete #Project365 – Another yearlong project (cause I’m crazy/stupid) but another thing I’ve always wanted to do, and something that I think will be easier to do than blogging. Take at least a photo a day. The best ones are going to be posted on the new gallery page I created here.

+ Write a Book – Another tough goal, but one I know is totally doable for me. I’ve done it before, multiple times. I just have to WANT and TRY to do it again, and I know that I can. And I will, damnit.

+ Lose 50 Pounds – Whoa nelly, that’s a lot of pounds! That’s because I have a whole lot of extra pounds to lose. Losing 50 pounds would get me back to my pre-baby weight, which is a joke because my baby is now nine years old. No matter. I’m trying anyway. This past spring I went through this phase where I thought “THIS IS IT, THIS IS WHEN I WILL SHED A SMALL PERSON” and I joined Planet Fitness and started logging my food on My Fitness Pal, and in four weeks I had lost 12 pounds. I kept those 12 pounds off until just last month when, as I was gearing up for my “New Year New You” life change “diet” I ate every morsel of chocolate and fried food in sight and gained back 5 of those pounds. Boo. Anyway, it just goes to show that I know this goal is achievable – if I stick to it!!

+ Go on a Date – Of all the goals and intentions I have for the year, this is the scariest. Go on a date?!? I don’t even where to begin on this subject of why this is even on the list, so I’ll save it for one (or two, or seven, or nineteen) of the 364 blog posts left in the year.


Here’s to things changing. Here’s to new beginnings and the ends of things that suck. Here’s to you, and here’s to me, and here’s to doing things that make us better at life.

I am THIS HAPPY to be alive and beginning a new year today:


I hope you’re all doing fine, too.

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  1. Great goals…and while they seem big, if you keep them in your mind and are purposeful about them, you WILL reach them. I admire the blog daily one! I am aiming for weekly – as I was amazed to see I only posted 11 in 2014 (the horror!). I am here cheering you on and look forward to seeing your blogs and pictures. And I will check in with you on the weight progress…after all we are women and it is necessary to have that on our goal list, isn’t it? 🙂

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