Welcome, 2016! 

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Last year I had a list of five intentions for 2015 and I followed through with three out of five.

I took a photo every day.

I posted to my blog every day.

I wrote a book.

I think three out of five is pretty damn good.

I didn’t lose fifty pounds.

I didn’t go on a date.

But I have 365 photos to hold on to forever, a perfect record of a year of our lives.

I have more than 400 new blog posts and more words than I’ve written in the last two years combined.

I finished NaNoWriMo.

I wrote a book.

I wrote a book I wrote a book I wrote a book I wrote a book I WROTE A BOOK and now I’m writing again, and I feel like a writer again, and just because I said I was going to do these things and I did them I feel somewhat like a magical being with magical powers.

I feel like, if I could do this, I could do that.

So this year I have more intentions.

Keep writing. Keep posting. Every day.

A habit has been built, it just needs to be tweaked to work more efficiently into my life.

A photo a day. Certainly. But something different this year.

#366 skies. Because I like alliteration. And skies, especially skies.

Lose weight, and not care that it’s cliche. That’s it. No number, no size specifics, not too much pressure. Just lose some weight.

Move more, eat less.

Feel better about myself on January 1, 2017 than I feel about myself today.

Be kinder to myself and others.

Let more love in.

Give fewer fucks.

Feel like sharing some thoughts?