What An Unoriginal Idea

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I had been planning on going to the gym today, since I realized that I haven’t been since June. Today was the first day Elise was going back to school after winter break, and this is the easiest and best time for me to go to the gym – right after I drop her off from school.

Well, my plan was foiled because I walked in there and there was no one at the desk to check me in because they were all signing up new members, and then I noticed that there seemed to be a LINE to use one of the 15 or 20 elliptical machines which were all occupied. There were also people waiting to use the weight machines!!

Finally a woman came to the desk and rolled her eyes at me with a smile when she saw how surprised I was.

“There’s a wait for the ellipticals??”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “If you don’t feel like waiting a little while to use one of those, come back in February when everyone’s resolutions wear off.”

“But coming to the gym was MY resolution, too!”

“Hence the line,” she shrugged.

So, I aborted that mission. Maybe I’ll try again later in the week, maybe not.


It’s not like I really enjoy exercising anyway, and I know (because science) that eating right and staying under your daily calorie goal is more important to losing weight than working out.

YES I know the myriad health benefits of working out. That’s why I have a gym membership and serious intentions to go. But that’s harder than taking a little time to make delicious food and count calories with a simple iPhone app.

Shown above:

1 cup of Yoplait Lactose-Free Strawberry Yogurt
1 chopped Fuji apple (half mix with yogurt)
1/2 cup (ish) Special K with Protein cereal.


5 Comments on “What An Unoriginal Idea”

    1. Well, i walk a ton at work cause i’m a waitress but unfortch i have bad knees so i really should be doing less impact like elliptical or swimming

  1. You got further than me today, so congrats! Knowing the gym would be packed and my favorite class full earlier than usual, I packed my gym bag last night and put it in the car. This morning after turning off the alarm and falling back to sleep for half an hour, i did the walk of shame to my car to get my stuff and get ready for work. Ugh.

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