What Color Are These Eyes? 

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Elise asked me to take a picture of her eyeball this morning so she could see up close what color it was, and then she asked me what color I thought they were. 

I’ve always thought my daughter has blue eyes. She’s my blue eyed girl. 

But… Are they bluish gray? Grayish blue? Blue green? Blue black? Do we need to just keep it simple or what? Cause these are pretty complex eyeballs!! 

6 Comments on “What Color Are These Eyes? ”

    1. Two friends of mine have also said greenish. I’ve always considered her more of a bluish but maybe they are changing Over time… Does that happen? My eyes are definitely GREEN.

  1. I thought I voted, but maybe that was on Instagram. I say blue-grey since they can appear to change color easily. Gorgeous eyes, regardless of what color they technically are 🙂

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