When I’m really happy…

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And on the one hand that’s okay, and on the other it isn’t. But oh, this picture. Is it so meta of me?

You’d think on a day when I’m supposed to be taking pictures about writing I would spend more time actually writing, but the thing is, I am on this family vacation and I’m starting to get the hang of all this family time, and really what the best thing has been for me has been spending so much FUN TIME with Elise. 

At home, it feels like we are always rushing. I pick her up from school, then we have to go have dinner, or we have to go to an appointment, or I have to run errands, or it’s bedtime… there is never that much time for just relaxing and having fun together. 

But yesterday was beach day and today was mini golf day and we’ve played so many games and have had so many laughs, and last night, she almost broke my damn heart.

We were playing a game, Pictureaka, and she won. She was so happy and laughing, and she put her hand over her chest and said:

“When I’m really happy, my heart feels different.”

Me too, kid. Me too.  

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