when you’re alone

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it doesn’t have to be
the scariest thing in the world
to get out of bed in the morning

i know how it feels sometimes,
the quickening, the fear, the panic,
and how much you would rather
crawl back back
into a place that feels

but you don’t have to
be afraid all the time

sometimes you will have days when
you don’t have to leave the house and
when someone comes knocking on the door
it’s just fine if you ignore it

you can stay in where
the temperature is always just right
and the sunlight is never
too bright
through the window blinds,
it’s alright
for you to tell yourself
that no one needs you out there

but only sometimes

you can stay in your slippers and
leave your robe untied,
stand there at the sink
eating maraschino cherries
and just let the red red
blood of them drip down your chest

no one will see you
if you keep the curtains closed
if you forget your phone and refuse
to document every moment
of that constant effort you put in
to pretending you’re not scared

no one cares
about what you do
when you’re alone

but only sometimes
that is true

the truth of us comes out
to play in our wrinkled pajamas
to show her raw, messy self
in those moments we tell ourselves
we’re stealing from the world

curled up on couches with coffee cups
and stained shirts and messy buns

that’s where you’ll find me
most of the time

File this one under: poems I write when I’m feeling too incapable of doing anything for myself including leaving the house or writing poems.


6 Comments on “when you’re alone”

  1. This is a poem that sings for the introverted, but it speaks to everyone in those moments.

    I liked this:

    document every moment
    of that constant effort you put in
    to pretending youโ€™re not scared

    Why do we worry so much about the stains and misplaced hairs?

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Even when I am writing about something specific like this I try to make it broad enough for everyone to find a way to connect.

  2. Your line breaks are very impactful, especially in the second stanza. Those last three lines are broken down perfectly to slow the reader and linger on the words there.

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