Winter is Coming

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This is how my week started off:

Scraping the first frost off of my car Monday morning, I had that terrible feeling of impending winter doom. I have the S.A.D., and honestly I am really not ready to deal with this shit just yet, not this early in the year. The people aren’t coming to clean my furnace until November 8th, so I’ll be damned if I turn my heat on before then. Winter can wait.
Except at Wal-Mart, where winter is apparently already in full swing. Barf.
This week I cleaned my house, crossing things off a list until I was done: floors, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, organizing, PUTTING ALL THE LAUNDRY AWAY and making my bed and turning my bedroom back into a place of sanctuary and not a place to throw and hide all of the things that didn’t yet have a place.
I did a pretty good job.
Besides Monday’s dip into the 30s and yesterday’s monsoon or whatever the hell that was, the weather has been pretty mild and enjoyable for the time of year. Good sunsets are happening this fall:
And beautiful light on the leaves in the treetops. Damn powerlines. Damn this urban sprawl that I live in the midst of.
I would love to be able to get out of here one day. I would love to be able to abandon this awful climate and go somewhere that’s more constantly warm and mild. St. Petersburg. San Diego. Somewhere that palm trees and sun will be something I see just about every single day.
I want to take Elise out of this place and give her a better home to live in – a bigger bedroom, a real house, not just a little box lined up next to all the other little boxes in our row.
She seems okay for now though, just an innocent little head floating in a sea of Hello Kitty.
For now I guess we’re fine.

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