Wordless(ish) Wednesday

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Let’s catch up, shall we? It’s summer, my favorite time of year, and the last few weeks have certainly been the best of the year so far. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Going to the beach…

Where we’ve seen some sweet night-beach fireworks:

We’ve been swimming a lot at Grandma Teel’s pool, where Elise is making great progress with swimming. She swims short distances without putting her feet down in the shallow end, and so we are working on stamina and keeping her head above the water. It’s not that she sinks, it’s that she LIKES to have her face in the water and to swim underwater like the big kids do. While we are at the pool, I tend to take a lot of pictures of clouds:

I’ve been going out with Brian more in the last few weeks, too. I always resisted going up to Providence with him, even though I am a total fan of gay karaoke bars (though I don’t often sing) I do love the scene, and fruity vodka drinks, and the laughter, and music, and fun. Last night we went to a joint called The Dark Lady… they had unisex bathrooms and it was quite fancy inside:

Earlier yesterday I had gone over to Todd and Daryl’s house for dinner and met the new member of their family, who is practically impossible to get a good picture of because he is so tiny and quick. Here’s Mr. Buford T. Dog, chewing on my pants:


So, this other thing happened last week. 

Months ago I wrote about my best friend Alisha, and how she experienced some pretty damn frightening bleeding in the beginning of her pregnancy.  Things weren’t looking good back in December – the likelihood that she would miscarry was higher than anyone liked, and although I did what I had to do for her, put on my brave face, I was really scared at the time that we were never going to meet that little bean in there. 

What actually happened? I watched him be born. Ulysses Daniel, that little bean:

That was taken the first time I held him, about twenty minutes after he was born. He was wide awake and looking at me and cooing at me, and I felt then as now that my place as his Auntie Cheney is sound. He hasn’t peed on me yet, but that will eventually solidify our bond. I just love him, and I just love that my best friend keeps having babies and that we are parents together. 

Here’s Ulysses one week old:

See how he was looking at me? He’s like, Auntie, you are totally awesome. I know. So is he. 

This is shaping up to be a truly wonderful summer. 

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