WriMo, Poblano, NoMo Intro!

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Here we are again, the amazing month of November! The month of writing all the things!

I love this month of writing, even though sometimes it brings me anxiety, it also always brings me a very special sense of human and writerly connection, it brings me words and ideas and inspiration, it brings me satisfaction and joy, and sometimes it even brings me a complete (ish) novel!

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareFirst of all, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again.

National Novel Writing Month is a thing for me now – I feel like I have to participate, even if I only make it through a few days.

Unfortunately last year I think I only made it through eight or ten days, and only about 8,000 or so words written until I failed and gave up.

Why did I give up? Because of a serious self confidence issue. I felt like my idea was too big to capture in a little NaNoWriMo story. I felt like it was too good and too big to “waste” by trying to get through it in one month of writing with no plot like it was no problem. I made it a problem, and then I made it not be a problem, and I call that failing when it comes to NaNoWriMo.

So here’s where I’ll be honest – though I did sign up and intend to start writing today, I woke up this morning having NO IDEA what I was going to write. Not a single clue. None.

Sure, I had a few ideas about what I wanted to write, but I have no outline, rough or otherwise, and no clear ideas on who my main characters will be or what they will do other than probably face horrible things and have untimely deaths, but that’s okay, because I fancy myself a horror writer.

Wish me luck. I will need it.

nanopoblano2015darkIn addition to (hopefully) writing a novel this month, I am also once again participating in a slight variation of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) which my blog buddies have dubbed: Nano Poblano.

What’s the difference between NaBloPoMo, posting to your blog every day in November, and Nano Poblano?

Not much, I don’t think! Except with Nano Poblano, I am part of Team Pepper – I get to post every day of the month WITH LIKEMINDED FRIENDS.

And hopefully when the thirty days are over I will have more new friends to share things with. Really, being a Pepper is about being part of a blogging community, and that’s why I’m here blogging in the first place.

Considering I’ve blogged every day so far this year already, I don’t think this will be that hard of a challenge – certainly not as hard as getting at least 1,667 words of a novel written each day, but it will still take special dedication and planning to get all the posts ready for their linkups.

nomobloYes, linkups. Because IN ADDITION to NaNoWriMo and Nano Poblano, I’m also going to link up with and participate with Yeahwrite.me’s November NoMo Challenge.

I really wasn’t going to sign myself up for something I could potentially fail at – that’s not something that I ever want to do, really, but then I went to yeahwrite’s website today after avoiding it for weeks, and saw what the NoMo challenge is all about.

Let’s say, it spoke to me:

“… a 30 day challenge designed to help you build your writing practice by getting your butt in the chair and your fingers on the keyboard daily. It’s that simple and that hard.

Welcome to NoMo at yeah write 2015! NoMo excuses. NoMo wishing you could just get started. NoMo shortening of words to make a cute little name for month-long writing (okay, maybe just this last one).”

That is EXACTLY what I need.




I’m going to use this challenge as “break time” from my NaNoWriMo novel and my goal is to enter at least one if not both fiction challenges per week for the month, and we shall see what else comes of it. As always, it’s amazing to be part of the yeahwrite community, and if you haven’t taken part in one of their writing challenges yet, now is as good a time as any to start.

Going over this post, I realize that probably the hardest thing about this month is going to be keeping up with all of the other great writer’s and blogger’s posts and being a good community member. I am going to try to read, like, and comment on as many posts as I can this month, but please remember – my words must come first, as I’m sure yours must also.

Good luck to all the Mo’s out there this month, and now let’s take November by the balls and WRITE!

10 Comments on “WriMo, Poblano, NoMo Intro!”

  1. I am delighted to have stumbled across your blog, by way of you stumbling across mine! πŸ™‚ Novel-writing…not for the fainthearted! You rock it sister! πŸ˜€

  2. So glad you’re in my row, Cheney! And so glad you’re planning on entering our fiction|poetry challenge every week! If you ever need someone to give you words, just holler. And did you know we’re adding a weekly prompt to the f|p challenge? We haven’t officially announced it yet, but it’s coming soon!

    1. I’m excited too, Nate! I’ve been slacking on writing shorts and haven’t been linking up, but hopefully will post my fiction piece tomorrow! Which really means I should write it tonight, huh??

  3. You have a great, fantastic, tremendous attitude this year, Cheney. You have come a very long way since Nov. 1, 2014, my friend. I wanted to remind you of that. In case you forgot. πŸ™‚

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