Write Through It.

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I don’t know about you, but when I am having a particularly shitty day, and when I am just plain sadder than usual, I tend to write more, and better.

There are lots of things people do to relieve stress – exercise, clean, meditate, have sex.. I write write a lot, and usually don’t share it because it can get to be a bunch of whiney drivel.

The thing I have been trying to do lately though, since things in my personal life have been pretty tough lately, is write through it. I find that even the things I don’t show people are still more eloquently written when I am sad or upset than when I’m not. Also, I’m much more prolific and tend to do things like this – write silly blog posts about writing while I am sad, just to get the keys clickity clacking across the keyboard.

There are two writing challenges I have to post today, so there will be an abundance of words. When I am done with those, I am going to spend part of my night moving content from other blogs over here, and keep on with my attempt to let go of the things and the people that don’t matter in my life, and focus more intently on the things that do – my goals for myself and my writing, and building a community who appreciates that and will share the journey with me.

My goodness, I am so emotional today. Time to put that to work.

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